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As of right now, we have no active plans. Please get in touch with us and describe your website’s goals if you want to work with us to develop a website.

We’ve got every detail covered to make your website both functional and beautiful

1. What are the main distinctions between Business and Personal plans?

In addition to all the features available in the Personal Plan, the Business Plan enables you to create up to five websites on a single account and export the project’s source code. You can only create one website per account with the Personal Plan.

2. Is it possible to point my domain name at a Duktix-made website?

You can assign your domain, of course! Read this guide to find out how to do it.

3. What does the Business Plan's "export source code" feature mean?

All required files will be exported from your website to static HTML (images, css, js). You’ll receive a link to download the website, which will be archived and kept on file. Copy the files to your server after simply unzipping them. A website that is hosted on your server and is independent of Tilda will be provided to you. Learn more by reading this manual.

4. What happens if I don't renew my subscription?

The data will be kept on Duktix for three months while the website is not published. The subscription can always be renewed, and you can keep updating your project. The data will be erased if your subscription is not renewed after this time frame.

5. What distinguishes a webpage from a website?

A website may have several pages (such as a portfolio, magazine, blog, etc.) or just one page (a landing page, a longform article, etc). The settings are different because the entire website is given the same style (fonts, colours), which is different. Additionally, the domain is given to the entire website rather than to each page separately.

Therefore, if you make several landing pages or multimedia articles in the same style (fonts, colours, etc), and host them on the same domain, you can use one single website. However, you will require multiple websites if you want to create a number of independent pages with various styles assigned to various domains (for instance, landing pages for various clients).

6. Are Duktix websites well-ranked (show up highly in search engine results)?

Due to the platform’s characteristics—the pages are made up of sequential blocks—websites created with Duktix are automatically and flawlessly indexed by search engines. Additionally, a variety of SEO tools and settings can help you enhance your search engine results. Our Help Center has more information on SEO.