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Make beautiful pages

without any code knowledge.

550+ pre-designed blocks make it easy to get started.


Let them know what you enjoy doing.

Anyone can now work as a designer! With Duktix’s simple design, you can rapidly construct a new website, landing page, or blog. It’s simple, enjoyable, and a lot like playing a game.

Intuitively Build a Website

Create your page using a variety of pre-designed blocks.

Duktix blocks are simple to use and suitable for any type of content thanks to their modern appearance and high flexibility. All you need is excellent material and a keen eye.

Block Library

Forms, photo galleries, gorgeous typography, full-screen covers, and more…

It’s not necessary to be a designer. Over 550 pre-designed blocks that are highly customizable have been produced. They give you the ability to customise the look and feel of your website in a harmonious and flexible way.

Born Adaptive

The process of optimising pages for tablets and smartphones doesn’t require doing it twice as hard.

Pages created with Duktix look great across all devices. We carefully considered it so that you can focus on your content rather than technical difficulties.

Build Custom Blocks

Create new blocks from scratch that have a distinctive design and are adaptable.

Use Zero Block, our professional-grade built-in web editor, to make your own unique designs and edit the entire website.

Design features of Duktix

Focus On Typography

Each block is balanced to create a pleasing user experience on every website.

You want to be as efficient as you can when delivering content. To fit any type of content, we have developed a wide variety of visual blocks. Display information exactly as it should be: aesthetically pleasing and readable. All typographic details, including line length, spacing, and font sizes, have been taken care of. We adore typography and are experts at rocking it.

Visual Content

A beautiful website can be made or broken by images and videos. Effectively display them with Duktix.

Designing the user experience for all media formats will be simple thanks to a special collection of blocks for visual content. Utilize Duktix’s galleries, photo and video combinations, full-screen covers, and video sequences to enhance your website.