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All the Features of Duktix

Our users do for their companies:


Company websites


Landing pages for products or services


Event promotion websites


Personal websites and online portfolios


Corporate blogs




Special projects and longform articles

Appearance and Aesthetics

Cutting-edge block editing

Create your website using pre-made, professionally designed blocks. It is simple and quick.

100+ blocks in a constantly expanding Blocks Library

New, modern blocks are constantly being developed by our designers in accordance with the most recent web design trends.

Flexible parameters for a unique design

With our flexible settings, each block or template can be altered beyond recognition.

210+ ready-made templates

Templates for a variety of websites, including blogs, multimedia articles, landing pages, and pages for promoting events. Choose one and alter it to fit your preferences and goals.

Prioritise typography

We pay close attention to proportions that are pleasing. Welcome to the ideal font size, header combinations, comfortable line width, and line spacing.


Without coding, create engaging interactive websites. Use the basic options in the ready-to-use blocks and the advanced options in Zero Block for skilled animation.

Visual Content Delivery

Full-screen images

Permit the viewer to see each and every aspect of a photograph.

A variety of picture galleries

Utilize pre-made photo collages to hasten the creation of your website.

Image + text combos

To make your story even more captivating, we have developed a variety of image + text combinations.

Integrated improved photo editor

Image dimensions and size can be changed. duplicate photos with a single click

Drag and drop images to add them.

Simply drag the desired image from the browser or folder.

Collections of free icons

Freely download and add our custom icons to your website. Don’t forget to credit the original source.

A Library of Pre-Designed Blocks


The first thing people see is your website cover. Choose the perfect one for you from dozens of options.

Text blocks

Use ready-made options for body text and text columns. Make quotes, direct speech or key phrases stand out.


Adjustable width, full-screen images, galleries, image + text combinations.


All the popular menu types for easy navigation: the “hamburger”, transparent on cover, fixed on scroll, and others.

Forms and buttons

Collect mailing lists or leads info with ease. Add call to action and social media buttons.

Tile & link

A special category of blocks that helps you connect to other pages or external resources.


Ready-made combinations of images and text to showcase your products or services.

How it works

Use our ready-made infographic shapes to describe in fine detail your product or service.


To find your audience, make your pricing clear.


A Company is nothing more than its people. Add a dedicated block to describe those who create your product.


Add customer reviews to build trust.


Add YouTube or Vimeo videos. Use different layouts: one or two players, video + text composition, etc.


Lighten up page structure with numbering, dividers, and a smooth background colour change.

Anchor links

Make the navigation easy by adding links to specific places on a page.

Google Maps and Yandex Maps

Add the map block, write your address in page settings so that your clients can always find you.

Interactive prompts

Looking for a tip or additional information? Add pop-ups and tooltips to your page.

Service integration

Seamlessly connect third party services such as SlideShare, Disqus, SoundCloud, TimePad, Yclients, and others.

Embedding HTML

Add unique elements to your webpage by embedding your HTML code (including JS and CSS).

Zero Block: Professional Editor for Web Designers

Professional editor

Create a one-of-a-kind block using our web editor to make any concept a reality.

Versatile enough for any device

You can modify your design to fit any screen size using Zero Block.

Add animation

Animate your website to catch and direct users’ attention to the important components.

Guides and layers

Using guides, you can hide or fix layers, give the appearance of depth, and achieve pixel-perfect alignment.

9 types of elements

Text, shapes, images, buttons, videos, tooltips, HTML, galleries, and forms can all be added to and customised.